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With Brillz, you will discover unique, stylish and affordable sunglasses from trust-worthy manufacturers who have a key focus on quality. With our eye on the latest fashion designs, we strive to provide sunglasses for all occasions that are current and on-trend. Add your favourite items to the cart using the discount codes you have, and complete your purchase to receive and enjoy your goods. We are extremely competitive in price and continuously work with reputable suppliers to ensure the highest-level of quality. Today, sunglasses serve two main purposes, to provide protection for our eyes and to serve as a trendy fashion accessory. Both of these factors are considered when designing all the models in our range.

Classic sunglasses

The right glasses for you depend on your style preference and what you feel comfortable wearing. There are however, a few basic rules to determine the perfect fit for you. Oversized sunglasses are a style that suits many, whether you are pairing them with a suit, dress or even rocking jeans and a matching top. The style is flattering and definitely on-trend also for men, especially those featuring bold masculine details and patterns. Wayfarers is a model that perfectly suits a range of face shapes and personalities, the timeless design is stylish and can be worn for warm summer settings such as swimming, sailing or even whilst sipping coffee in an outdoor café. Our range of sunglasses include a variety of designs with chic, unique details and colours, providing you with the ultimate choice to choose from.

Trendy Avitator glasses

’Pilot’ style glasses, commonly known as Aviators are almost as classic as Wayfarers. Both of these timeless models have been spotted on the fashion scene for decades.

What they both have in common is their stylish appearances that fail to ever go out of fashion. No matter how often fashion develops, these styles continue to remain timeless, even when fresh patterns, colours and other features are introduced. The large shaped lens that pilot sunglasses have, provide your eyes with the best possible protection. As suggested by its name, these sunglasses were originally designed for and loved by US Navy and Air force pilots.

Here at Brillz you will always discover a variety of new and trendy Aviator styles. These sunglasses look great on everyone and are perfect for the big city life. With a pair of classic Aviator glasses you will constantly be on trend with fashion, and always feel super confident!

Sunglasses as an accessory

Most people have their own preferences when it comes to colours, we tend to go for shades that compliment our skin tone as well as our personality.

Here you will discover an endless selection of colours and designs that will add that special something to any outfit you wear. It’s so simple to find the perfect pair for you, and with the competitive pricing that we value, you can own your dream pair of sunglasses at affordable prices for all outfits and occasions.

In addition to the range of models that feature distinctive details and bold colours, you can also discover our line of sunglasses with a more simplistic and elegant feel. Classic black and steel frames are an ideal choice of sunglasses that go with everything at all times. With such a wide range of colours and designs in our collection, shopping with us for your favourite pair is always fun and exciting.

You can wear sunglasses for most occasions, whether its for everyday lifestyle wear or for special events. Sunglasses can spice up formal wedding attire, or hide your mysterious expressions while playing an online game of poker on or at a casino. They are also ideal to use in your car as their dark shaded lens keeps your eyes safe and comfortable when driving against the sun’s blinding light.

Protect your eyes

As we mentioned, the most important job of sunglasses is to protect your eyes and keep them safe, however, that’s not to say that they can’t look stylish and chic at the same time. The sun’s harmful UV rays are what we need to be aware of and that’s where a good quality pair of sunglasses come in use. Sunglasses filter these harmful rays, so that you do not cause your eyes any damage when spending longs periods of time out in the sun.

Spending a great deal of time with your eyes exposed to the sun, can lead to a number of severe injuries. More often we remember to protect our skin by using specialised sun protection creams, however, the protection of our eyes can easily be forgotten as the damage is not as noticeable as say a red sunburnt skin is.

Our eyes are sensitive, and they do not have the same properties as our skin when it comes to warning us of the harmful effects, which is why it’s vital to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining. Sunglasses also protect us against dust and particles in the air that can easily lead to eye damage without us even noticing.

Sunglasses for everyone

Nowadays many frames have identical qualities and can therefore be classed as unisex, meaning that they can be worn by both men and women. Although we do stock sunglasses that are targeted to one gender due to the shape and size, we also have a wide selection of unisex models. However, there is nothing to say that women can’t wear their preferred pair from the men’s collection, it just depends on personal preference.

Keep in mind that some sunglasses do have a larger frame than others so if you are a man with a wider shaped face, it may be best to specifically shop in the men’s section. If you need to adjust the frame, you can do so by warming it up on a low heat in the oven and gently adjusting it to fit the size of your face.

All of our glasses are ergonomically designed and crafted using a lightweight material and although they are durable, remember that such sunglasses are not meant to withstand heavy loads. We do find that most glasses do fit perfectly on the first try.

Easy shopping with Brillz

Our online store selling durable and fashionable sunglasses is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). On the left side of the address bar by the URL, you can see the official lock symbol as confirmation. This means that when you shop with us, all information you provide is securely encrypted for protection. We work with secure payment services that highly value consumer rights.

You can choose whether you wish to pay with a credit card, bank card or PayPal. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will be sure to respond to all inquires at our earliest convenience. In the meantime, please follow our blog for inspiration and tips on everything to do with sunglasses.