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Business deal

Planning an event, summer part for your employees, or maybe a small gift, a festival or other? In all cases, we can provide you with low-cost, high quality sunglasses, so you can surprise your beloved employees with style. If you want to buy larger quantities, it will definitely pay off to do it online, as both prices are lower while the stock volume is usually larger than what it would be in a regular eyewear store.

High quality and low prices

If you are going to buy sunglasses to employees in a company, or other reasons to buy larger quantities, you will probably want both high quality at alow price. This is exactly what you can be sure of if you shop sunglasses for an online business – as an online store does not have the staff, administration and other expenses a typical physical store would have to have. This means that prices are squeezed to the lowest, without necessarily compromising on quality. The sunglasses are more than likely of better quality compared to those you buy in many physical stores!

Sunglasses for corporate employees

Ever had an urge to show your employees that you appreciate them? Well, you’re not alone. Giving gifts to the backbone of a business is quite common even if its not mandatory. A new set of sunglasses will definitely be an appreciated small gift. The foremost reason for buying cheap sunglasses for a business is the bulk discount. If you want to buy sunglasses to a huge number of employees, you are naturally dependent on pushing the price somewhat.

Few companies can afford to buy sunglasses at “normal prices” for 100 employees. In addition, if you buy cheap sunglasses and give as a gift, it will not trigger any taxable benefit for the employee. Also, the quality does not need to be lower even if the sunglasses are cheap.

This is like in the fashion world of branded clothing – expensive and established brands often cost a lot more simply because they have the “right” logo printed on the product. Brillz on the other hand is a brand focused on the customers wallet – we do not compromise on the quality!

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