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Do I need to register

No, but you are welcome to register for our news letter, so you can get updates on new trends, fashion and offers, and you get a mail every time we get launch a new line of sunglasses for the season.

Is it safe to buy sunglasses online?

Yes. We use secure transcations with the newest SSL technology. That way all information between you, Brillz and payment gateways (like PayPal) stay encrypted and secure. We do our best to ensure that your information always are safe when you buy from us

What quality I get on sunglasses from Brillz?

All sunglasses in our store are nickel free and tested, to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. The lenses have protection against UV radiation and is produced with the highest quality possible in mind.

What is my consumer rights?

We follow the guidelines proveded from regional, national and European authorities.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, you get what you pay for and you dont pay for more than you get. Look at your order before checkout, or order confirmation for specification.

When do I get my order?

In most cases you get your sunglasses within 2-10 days depending on the mail carrier and what day in the week you placed your order.

Can I make changes to my order after receiveing the order confirmation?

Yes, we can make changes to your order like address, name, product and the like. Note, that we cannot mae ant changes when the order is sent. Contact us as soon as you can

I placed my order, but have not received any order confirmation?

As soon as you have placed your order a confirmation is sent to your registered email automatically.

If, for any reason, you have not received an order confirmation this might be because you registered wrong email address. Some email clients can filter emails to spam or unwanted post. Check this first of all.

If you still can’t find the order confirmation please contact us. If you deleted the order confirmation by mistake you can also contact us and we will send you a new copy

This simply means that we are processing your order and you can expect it to be sent very soon.

I am a new customer, how do I place an order?

1) Choose between our products and click “Add to basket”.

2) When the wanted products are added, you click the basket-icon in the top right corner (this might be different depending on the device you are using).

3) Fill in your inforamtion and choose payment option (card or Paypal).

4) Pay.

5.) You will get an order confirmation in your email.

I get an error message when I try to pay in checkout?

We sue safe and secyre payment gateways. If some of these serives are down, for one reason or other, it might be because they (i.e. Visa or MasterCard) are updating the service,

How much is delivery cost

This is easily viewed in the basket or checkout.

Can you send to another address than my private address?

Yes, it is no problem to get the order shipped where ever you want.

If you want us to send the order directly to fx. your work address, you simply just write this adderss in the checkout page.

What kind of packaging do you use?

We always use pakcaging that ensure your order is unharmed from the point we send it until you receive it.

What happens if I'm not at home at the time of delivery?

If your order fits the mailbox, you don’t have to be at home to receive it. If the order doesn’t fit your mailbox, it will be sent to the nearest pick up location

Can I monitor my order delivery?

Yes, on orders of a certain size you can. For smaller orders (under 10) you unfortunately cannot track your order.

I have not received my order?

In most cases you can expect the order to be delivered within 10 days, and some times longer. Contact us if you have any questions.

Other reasons:

– Wrong name stated on the point of order.
– Insufficient address details.

I have not received everything I ordered?

If some items are missing please contact us immediately.

My sunglasses are broken, what can I do?

Is it something wrong with the sunglasses you ordered? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible and provide photos if you can.

Can I get a refund?

Some times yes, and some times no. It depends on the situation and the reason you want a refund. Please contact us and state your reason for a refund. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For reasons other than those stated in our terms (like damaged items etc.) we only accept returns where the items are unused and unopened

I ordered wrong sunglasses, can I swap?

Yes, if you want to swap please contact us.

Are your products original?

Yes of course, all products in our store is 100% original. We get our sunglasses directly from the producer or approved suppliers.

Who is the owner of Brillz?

Brillz is owned by UAB East Scandinavia Company Org. no.: 303387085 – VAT no.: LT100010964415.

Can I call you?

We prefer that you send us an email. We answer you within 24 hours.

Can I write to you?

Yes, please go to our contact page for more information. Please provide your order number so we can help you efficiently.

What is your address?

Our address is: Brillz, c/o UAB East Scandinavia Company Org. no.: 303387085 – VAT no.: LT100010964415.