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Sport sunglasses

Sport sunglasses are an important accessory in sports. Reason for this is how important our eyes are for optimal performance. This is not only valid for professionals but also amateurs and even the ley man. Oour eyes have receptors that translate electromagnetic radiation to colors, shapes and movement, in just a split second. And in various sports (if not all of them) one of these factors is present. If the eyes don’t function optimally this might affect performance. As we all know in sports performance is everything!

In golf the ability to view important details in the field can be affected by something as natural as sunlight. With a pair of high quality, polaroid sunglasses, precision can be higher and the chances of winning. Or picture a Champions League match where the goalkeeper cannot see the football – will not happen with a pair of cool sports sunglasses! In sports like tennis or baseball one of the teams might have an advantage simply because of the sun, and this ultimately be the difference between a victory and a loose.

We often see sunglasses used in sports like:

  • Running.
  • Skiing.
  • Football.
  • Baseball.
  • Golf.
  • Sailing.

The above sports typically need good eyesight and awareness to be successful and a pair of sunglasses might be essential to optimize performance.

Different types of lenses

Especially in sports the color of the lenses is important. Yellow lenses are used for cloudy weather. Brown and Dark lenses are used when the sun sits high in the sky. You can find a huge variety of sport sunglasses in our store.