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Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses is the classic piece that never goes out of fashion. This type of sunglasses is th most popular through all times. Why? Simply because of the iconic effect – the wayfarer is a symbol of success, luxury and celebrity status.

The wayfarer style is characterized by the the unique design, that earlier on weas a bit different from the modern version. In fact, today the modern frame and style is the uppermost uniqueness that make the wayfarer the primary choice for people in all layers of society. Wayfarer sunglasses you find in our online store are not only black, we have a lot of colors, materials and lenses to choose from.  The wayfarer sunglasses protect you against those harmful sunbeams and are friendly to use for those with allergies. Did you know that the wayfarer is made in one piece? They are, and in fact it’s a highly tuned Italian technique. Vintage wayfarers can be sold for huge amounts of money on eBay.

Brillz Wayfarer sunglasses are specially designed for us, CE approved and nickel free. With a perfect fit you can use these sunglasses in all sorts of environments and styles. The wayfarer is so genuine that they fit in travel, the beach and even a wedding – go Brillz in 1-2-3 and be a part of the Brillz Revolution!